Angular JS and Spring MVC Integration Example

This example include the angular JS application integrated with Spring MVC and Hibernate.This application contains some unwanted files and models. Please see only the member side if you really want the angular and spring mvc extraction example.

Included features are :

  1. Angular JS Routing
  2. Agular JS Directive
  3. Angualr JS Service/Factory
  4. Angular JS Spring MVC integration
  5. Angular JS Pagination records from database using spring MVC
  6. Angular JS Multiple delete records from database using spring MVC
  7. Angular JS Update records from database using spring MVC
  8. Angular JS Delete records from database using spring MVC
  9. Angular JS Listing records from database using spring MVC
  10. Angular JS Filter and no of records/page control

Snapshot :




Download from here essential

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  • Srikanth Machavaram

    Hello your code is really good, But have you prepared any videos to understand that code..?? please share those videos links..